Lori Minor, Founder

ALLOVEME was born from my passion to help others. I have learned that fulfillment comes from knowledge – knowledge of self and knowledge of purpose. ALLOVEME is my purpose.

My life and work experiences have prepared me for this journey in service. I hold a Master of Public Administration degree and have worked in public service for over 13 years in the areas of education and healthcare. I am experienced in non-profit operations, fundraising, event planning and am skilled in marketing, sales and developing and implementing programs, workshops and meetings. I am an entrepreneur and serve as a mentor to many young women of color. ALLOVEME encompasses everything I have learned and everything I want to continue to be.

How true the saying, “If I only knew then what I know now”. I want the young women in my program to “know it now,” right now. The life-affirming “real talk” conversations we provide through our LOVE Program offer a comprehensive array of tools young women need. With knowledge, we have choice. With choice, we are free.

In our program, our young women will be recognized, encouraged and equipped with the tools they need to live a balanced, healthy, and enriched life.