Our Program


The ALLOVEME LOVE Program is a rotating series of engaging “conversations” on topics relevant to young women of color. The program is designed to impart life-affirming information and offer tangible resources through group meetings, events, lectures and workshops.

Our ALLOVEME Leaders are public and private sector professional women of color who will be on hand to lead our participants through the program. Leaders will mentor participants by offering guidance, encouragement and affirmation, sharing their own knowledge and experience.

Social & Dining Etiquette
Lessons in social and professional dining, conversation etiquette and proper attire for a various occasions.

Self-Image – Respect – Relationships
Discussion on developing standards of self-respect, commanding respect from others, defining and developing a healthy self-image, healthy relationships, dating, sex, abusive relationships.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Discussion on health, nutrition and exercise, addressing health issues facing African American women.

My Legacy – Transforming Family Cycles
Creating our own legacy, examining positive and negative family cycles. Examining the cycles we live by that we endured as children and grandchildren of the imperfect.

Raising Strong Confident Children
Lessons on being honest with children, breaking family cycles and raising strong confident young men and women. Child safety.

Self-Care – Strategies for Balance
Discussing strategies for coping with life as a woman of color, stress reduction, relaxation techniques, and finding balance in mind, body and spirit.

Money Management & Financial Literacy
Lessons on creating a budget, understanding credit and credit scores, planning for emergencies and the future.

Education – Formal and Informal 
Discussion on education opportunities, (become skilled or degreed), financial resources, successful college/univ experience. Explore common knowledge attributes.

My Life’s Work – Career Opportunities
Discovering our purpose. Examining why we are here.
Resume building, job searching, mock interviews. Resources.

Leadership – Advancing Self & Others
Identifying and utilizing leadership skills and using those skills for the advancement of self and others.

Public Service – Reach Back and Pay It Forward
Exploring our history and discussion on volunteerism, community service, how helping others can be self-fulfilling, giving back.

Participants who have completed all talks will receive a completion certificate and assess the program.

Review Program

Participants will also be given the charge to continue in service to others.