Celebrate the Legacy of Black Women of Power

By Ms. Lori
Celebrate with us! Tell us about the Legacy of Black Women in your life.
Women I most admire, there are so many… my mother, who is a survivor! My grandmother who was the strongest woman I know. I appreciate Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Gladys Knight – for how they change the world in their own way. I admire the ALLOVEME Board of Directors, women who have taken the time to embrace and affect our next generation. I admire women who “overcome” – they tend to use their experience to help others.

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  1. Let us not forget the many strong women who went before us. Those women who are never mentioned. Fannie Lou Hammer who sacrificed so much so that we now have the right to vote. Ever heard of Alberta Williams King? She was Dr. Martin Luther King’s mother and she too was assassinated. Learn the names of the forgotten women who were instrumental in the struggle.
    Personally,I admire my grandmother a school teacher, wife and mother. She learned to drive well into her sixty’s, managed a farm along with my grandfather, volunteered, church member and a women who raised nine successful children. My mother and aunts are excellent role models as well.

  2. I watched the story on Tererai Trent last night. She’s an amazing women of courage and determination. She grew up in Africa where black children, especially girls, were not to be educated. She learned from her brother books and eventually was able to go to school. She dreamed of coming to America to earn a bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree and she has done all three. “It is Achievable”, she says. Belief is strong and real – believe it and it shall be. She has passed this legacy to her now grown children who value the importance of education as she does.

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