ALLOVEME Participant Orientation and Program Launch

January 30, 2016
22nd Street Landing Restaurant in San Pedro



Attended by: Sitting (l-r) Sabeerah, Ms. Le Shan, Ms. Diane, Ms. Lori Standing: Ms. Leige, Ms. Delores, Ms. Charmayne, Deniquia, Nadia, Patrice, Brianna, Peighton, Ms. Claudette and Dr. Iris.


2 Comments On “ALLOVEME Participant Orientation and Program Launch”

  1. Ms.Diane Diamond Gomez

    A wonderful for our nonprofit group. Our meeting was grand our ladies were fabulous.

  2. I notice a couple of young ladies Iam glad to see involved also, proud of the other young women that has reached out to this program. I believe this program will grow to its fullest potential in offering these young women the tools to excel in their goals and dreams.

    congrats! to alloveme and staff

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