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  1. Thank you for being that constant role model and SHOWING me that I can pursue anything. “Leading by Example.” 🙂

  2. This is a program needed in our community. To help women believe in themselves to accomplish and experience a change in life . I believe “alloveme ” will empower , embrace , and strengthen the lives of women of all color .

  3. Claudette McClenney

    Wonderful and much needed. Young women will really benefit from this site. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Hello Ladies, Good Sunday Morning. Sunday is always a time for reflection for me. I try to find something to get me back centered after a hectic week. For some reason I went through my DVR and found an old episode of LifeClass (Oprah) with T.D. Jakes, it was just what I needed. Talking about INSTINCT, recognize and using our own, following your vision through the doubts and fears, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, dismissing the naysayers (they live at their level, not yours), be patient when changing your life course and at the end, “Be Still and Know…” Psalm 46. We have to take time out to sit with self, so we can stand tall with self and others.

    I was also reminded from one woman’s vision to minister to young women, that when doing so, she also ministers herself. I believe this to be true and sounds alot like ALLOVEME. As we state in our purpose, everyone associated with this organization shall be enveloped in an environment of respect, encouragement and edification.

    Have a very blessed week.

  5. We thank you for your support and appreciate your commitment to ALLOVEME.

  6. ANNUAL TURKEY GIVEAWAY – Join us for the Annual Turkey Giveaway on November 14, 2015. More details to come.

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